The Clarient Group

One World Trade Center

The most significant value technology can provide is protecting lives.  For this most critical mission, The Clarient Group has been honored to work on First Responders System Design-Build projects at facilities including One World Trade Center. 

At One World Trade Center (WTC), TCG is currently providing project management and design support for the First Responders System Design-Build Team.  In addition, TCG is a liaison to construction manager Tishman Construction and the One WTC Project Team.  This First Responders System is among many other building components that set new standards for high-rise buildings, and exceed existing codes.   

Michael Mahesh, Sr. Engineer/WTC Construction & Steven P. Plate, Deputy Chief of Capital Planning/Director, WTC Construction

TechMer-NAMS is leading the One WTC First Responders Design-Build Project, and chose TCG because “TCG’s level of expertise and detail-oriented design is crucial and invaluable on a project this large and significant.” 

-TechMer, CEO, Itsick Ben Tolila