The Clarient Group

Private Residence in Westchester, NY

At an 11,800 SF Private Residence in Westchester, NY, The Clarient Group is designing one of the ultimate integrated buildings to become a true "smart residence."  A significant number of systems connect, communicate and collaborate, based on rules the Client establishes and customizes.  Because of the complex requirements, the Client also utilized TCG’s Technology Implementation Services to coordinate contractors’ installation of the technology systems. 

“It’s integration on steroids,” TCG President Charlie Buscarino said. “It proves that this level of integration can be done.”  TCG Project Manager/Integrated Building Technology Consultant Steven Cernik added: “It’s a great incubator for new technology, to test concepts and prove they can work.”

Like a tree of strongly-solidified roots and branches, the Residence’s technology centers around a network as the core root, with large branches for databases, Internet connectivity configurations and devices, security, controls and a building management system---each of which has numerous sub-branches ranging from specific devices/equipment to environmental monitoring (i.e. - temperature and snow melting) to audiovisual, water and lighting controls---some impacting the overall house, and others focusing on specific sections (such as the entertainment/media room; exterior walking paths; and the iconic, much-publicized violin-shaped pool that includes 5,600 lights).   

For example, with environmental control algorithms the Client is developing, simply controlling the temperature in a space requires analyzing the data being collected by several distinct sub-systems in order to maintain a desired comfort level of the individual(s) occupying the space.  Each sub-system is providing information such as who the person is and his/her preferred temperature setting---along with contributing heating/cooling sources like an active fireplace, open window or sunlight entering the space.  The system then analyzes this information to either control the various heating and cooling systems or notify the occupant of competing scenarios, such as a window being open and the HVAC trying to cool the space.  Even when a space is not occupied by a person, the control algorithm is utilizing the various sub-systems to maintain a desired temperature, without the use of traditional heating and cooling systems, reducing the energy footprint of the Residence.

Cipriano Landscape Design

“The Clarient Group has an extraordinary ability to think outside the box.  They are helping me to realize my vision of integrating and automating a very broad range of systems to create capabilities never before envisioned.  I doubt there is another company with their combination of knowledge, experience and can-do attitude.”

-The Private Residence Client